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2014-06-04 - The rewrite
This is a complete rewrite of MTVG, and it's been done in Qt5. This means that it'll work in your favourite environment! :)
2007-03-04 - The new release
Well, here it is - the new release! As I mention in the post below, it's basically the previous latest downloadable CVS-version with some updated german language. Please check out the download page for the complete list of news since the latest release. This release must be considered to be stable since I haven't received any bug reports in a long while. The next release will hopefully include som real new nice features aswell! =) I have a list here of requested features and I'll try to get the time to implement some of them soon. One of the first things will probably be the possibility to use variables to the external execution upon user alers. Thanks for all the mail and support I get for MTVG! Have a nice sunday! Cheers!
2007-03-02 - The hidden forum and a new release
Hey everybody! As you may have noticed, the forum is currently offline. I got tired of the serious spamming and removed the page. I'll try to get it up as soon as I've included some kind of CAPTCHA into the posting-sequence. Please send me a mail if you have some questions and I'll answer as soon as possible. Also, keep your eyes open for the new release the following days. It'll probably be released tomorrow. It's basically the latest downloadable CVS-version with some updated german language. Although it must be considered to be a stable one since I haven't gotten any bug reports in a really long time! =) The next release (after this one) will probably include some features that needs to be translated, so I think it might be a good idea to release the current CVS-snapshot as v7.3.2.
2006-10-15 - Some HOWTOs
Added some HOWTOs this morning, please let me know if there are more HOWTOs out there! Cheers!
2006-10-14 - Small update in CVS version
MTVG is now available in Slovak! Many thanks to Jozef Riha for taking the time to translate it! Leif Mathis Gaup updated the Norwegian translation which is also available in the CVS version. Have a nice weekend everybody!
2006-09-09 - The lack of news
Hey guys!

I'm sorry about the lack of news on MTVG. It's really nice to see that the forum is alive and people still getting involved in the development. I'm currently working on several projects beside MTVG so there isn't much time to set aside for MTVG at the moment. I'm aiming for a release with some of your requests within a couple of months. What would you guys think of a page here on the website where you could submit your requests and let everybody vote for their top (say) 3 requests? I guess that would give a strong hint of what you guys want the most! =) I'm just typing as I'm thinking here, but maybe that would be nice? Anyway, I haven't forgotten about MTVG and nor all the kind users!

2006-06-11 - The tar-ball is now available!
From now on there will always be a tar-ball with the latest added features and translations. Check out the download page for more information about the current tar-ball!
2006-06-07 - Tar-ball!
There seems to be many kind people out there! I've just received an Italian translation for MTVG by Matteo Azzali! Unfortunately it didn't make the release today. However! I thought that I should make a tar-ball for all you people who wants the absolutely latest translations and features! I'll try to fix a link on to the latest tar-ball available within a week. Eventually the plan is to get the full source into SF's or KDE's SVN to make the translation easier for everybody. Cheers lads, and thanks for your support!
2006-06-07 - The language-release is out!
Finally! Check out the download page to get the hot smoking new language release! =)
2006-06-05 - Small delay
Hi everybody! The release date has been rescheduled to tuesday. I came home later than expected from Stockholm yesterday, so there was no time to make the release. Sorry about that, I'll make sure it's available for download tomorrow!
2006-05-29 - Language release!
Greetings my friends! I've received some translations and I thought I should make a small "language-release". No new features, just MTVG in your native language! =) The translations so far is

* Swedish
* Norwegian, by Leif Mathis Gaup
* German, by Philipp Kiessler
* French, by "Starcrasher" (in progress)

If you would like to help out and translate the POT-file to your native language, please check out this POT-file. Don't mind the README-extract if you're not up for it and you're done in 15 minutes! =) Use KBabel, GTranslator or similar for translation. I'm planning on releasing it this sunday. Cheers lads, and thanks for all your support and mails! I really appreciate it!
2006-04-30 - Time offset!
Hey everybody! I made a quick update for you guys that recently turned your clocks ahead for the summer. Please recompile MTVG with THESE new files. Set the time offset in Preferences->General. Please send me some feedback if it works! =) Cheers!
2006-02-18 - The CCI release!
This release is for all of you people requesting Custom Channel Icons! =) Some minor bugs have been fixed and new users will now be presented with an extract from the README at startup.
2006-02-12 - Web Forum!
A small but functional forum has been added to this web page, try it out! =)
2006-02-06 - Silence isn't golden actually..
Hey everyone! I've received some e-mails from people asking about the next release and I thought I might aswell answer the question right here on the News page. The boring answer is that I actually don't know when the next version will be released. Although I have absolutely no intention on stop working on MTVG. New versions Will be released - I just don't know when.. =) I've got a pretty massive TODO here which I intend to get started with as soon as possible. I haven't got as much spare time now as I did before, thus the releases won't come as often as I'd like them to do. Please keep mailing me suggestions, ideas and comments! They're greatly appreciated!

Cheers everyone! And thank you for using MTVG! :)
2005-10-26 - MTVG v5.10.26 is out!
This is a release with minor changes, apart from the one big thing - the forum! Every show now has it's own forum! Just right click on a show, select Forum and you're ready to start debate. A summary of the changes can be found on the download page.
2005-10-11 - Temporary Fix (Germany)
A temporary fix for users in Germany (and possibly others?) has been published. Due to a too static way of parsing the channel name, the channel names wouldn't show in the channel column in mtvg when using the German tvtoday-grabber. Replace the files at and recompile mtvg, that should do the trick! Sorry about the inconvenience!
2005-10-05 - MTVG v5.10.3 is out!
As mentioned below, this release includes several of your requests. You'll find a complete list of all the new features on the download page. The screenshot section has been updated again, check it out. I'm really satisfied with this version, hope you guys like it as much as I do!
2005-10-01 - The "request version"
A new version is about to be released, probably next week! Several requests have been implemented, stay tuned for an even better version of MTVG! =)
2005-09-14 - MTVG v5.9.12 is out!
Well, here it is! In short, the new version includes new xml-tags in descriptions, channel icons with custom size, a new channel renaming system, show blacklisting, automatic checking for new versions of mtvg while updating listings and a bugfix in the reminder system. The screenshot section has been updated again, check out the difference with channel icons! =)

From now on, there will also be debian sarge package- and suse rpm v9.3 package releases. Please do enjoy!
2005-09-08 - The upcoming version at a glance
I'm going to Stockholm for a couple of days - the next version will be released next week. Some features to look forward to:

  • new xml-tags in descriptions (director, actors, episode, category, ...)
  • channel icons with custom size
  • a new (and less annoying) channel renaming system =)
  • possibly show blacklisting..
  • 2005-09-05
    A bug has been discovered in the reminder system resulting in reminders popping up on the wrong day. Thanks for bringing it to my attention Martin J! It is fixed now and the next version will be released in one of the following days. =) The upcoming version will also include some feature enhancements!
    The new version is out! This time with some improvements for the eye. =) The screenshot section has been updated, check it out!
    A new version of MTVG is currently under development, please check back in the following days to get a fresh copy of a better looking MTVG than ever! =)
    Maxemum TV-Guide v5.7.8 is out! Check out the new screenshots of the reminder dialogue!
    This webpage goes live.
    The initial release of Maxemum TV-Guide on